Volunteer Jobs

When we moved to the loft and began to grow substantially, it became clear that we needed more and more volunteers. A small number of the volunteers are involved in actual teaching.  Some volunteers are assigned to help teachers as regular assistants; most classes have between one and three helpers, which is especially important in the lower levels.  But many other tasks are done by volunteers.  Besides teaching, other jobs done by volunteers each week include:  buying and picking up food to be served that night, setting up & taking down the refreshment tables, signing in students and listening to Bibles verses they have memorized, evaluating new students  (both oral & written tests), translating (especially the first few nights), leading the music & playing the piano, managing the PowerPoint presentation, sound system, & lights during break time, gift wrapping items donated for the prize drawing for scripture memory, and cleaning up and taking down tables after ESL. Some volunteers come only a few weeks at the beginning of the semester to help with enrolling or testing students; others have helped for a semester or year or two; others have faithfully served year after  year.  In 2016-2017 we had over 60 volunteers serve for some time and in some way.  They have the privilege of getting to know many more of the students than the teachers of the individual classes do.  Students often form a special bond with the volunteer who tests them when they first arrive.  We all recognize that our volunteers are invaluable, essential to an organized, smooth-running ministry.

More of Our Invaluable Volunteers

 Volunteers on Duty

Checking in Students
 Nancy & Anna Millie Damaris


Listening to Memorized Bible Verses 
 Danielle, Roy, & Carmen Danielle, Roy, & Betty

Volunteers Off Duty

 Waiting to Serve Just Hanging Out 



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